Everything at Steak

Lamb Steak at Everything at Stake

Lamb Steak at Everything at Stake


Tried this at:
Everything at Steak – Annapolis St. Branch
Ground Level
Continental Court Bldg.
Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan
Metro Manila, Philippines

Living the moment

I don’t feel anything. I just live the moment for now. Breathing and keeping myself intact. Maybe I didn’t lose hope. Maybe I am not hoping. Maybe I learned. He will quiet me with His love, says in Zephaniah.

Sunday night prayer note

Dear Heavenly Father, I know you became a person through Jesus not for you to understand us (as I know you can understand us even without having to be one of us) but for us to realize you became a man to suffer with us. To reach us on this state and give us the hope that we can do everything in Christ Jesus. Amen