Pampanga’s Best

Pampanga is one of the provinces of the Philippines located in the north. Based from the history, its name was derived from la Pampanga.
The name ‘La Pampanga’ was given by the Spaniards who found the early natives living near the river banks – pampang (In tagalog, malapit sa ilog)

This province has been the culinary capital of the Philippines. Its delicacies are variety and delightful.

The province is home to two air bases under the Philippine Air Force. They are the Basa Air Base in Floridabalanca and the former U.S. Clark Air Base in Angeles City.

Pampanga is a home of:
1. many festivals
( Sisig Festival, Giant Lantern Festival, Hot Air Balloon Festival, etc);
2. heritage churches and shrines;
3. recreational facilities and leisure parks;
4. historical landmarks;
5. natural parks(Mr. Arayat Park, Mt, Pinatubo crater)

Some notable people who lived here are
Jose Abad Santos
Disdado macapagal
Philippines 13th president Gloria macapagal Arroyo
Gil j. Puyat
Efren Bata Reyes
Donita Rose
Lea Salonga
Chris Tiu
Brillinate Mendoza

To name some of my friends living here are Michael Galang, now a councilor of Pampanga; Sheirry Manalili who grew in Floridablanca; Jae Ocampo, my nurse friend who studied at Holy Angel University and now works in a hospital.

The inhabitants of Pampanga are referred to as Kapampangan. Their language is one of the major languages of the Philippines. Their language – kapampangan is really cool!

Some words in Kapampangan:


My name is Rencel-Rencel ing lagyu ku
I am here!-Atyu cu queni
Where are you?-Nukarin na ka?
Who are you?-Ninu ‘ica?

all of us-itamu ngan

Some Common Phrases & Sentences
Kumusta na ka? – How are you?
Masalese ku pu. – I’m fine.
Mayap ku pu. – I’m good.
Nanung lagyu mu? – What is your name?
Malagu ka talaga! – You are really beautiful.
Kasanting mo! – You are so handsome!
Wa – Yes
Ali – No
Me keni. (from ‘Ume ka keni’). – Come here.
Bisa kung maglolo keka. – “I want to court you.”
Tabalu keka- literally “I don’t know with you.” (expression)
Eku balu.- I don’t know.
Mako na ku. – I am going.
Mangan ta na, mangan tamu. – Let us eat now, let us eat.

On the 31st of July 2010, my friend Cheche invited CAM members and KKBs to celebrate with her birthday and her tito’s bon voyage party in Floridablanca. Going north is one of the best travels as the NLEX is now wider and accessible. The road travelled is like one straight line going to your place. No zigzags. It could render you a good sleep going home if you live there. It took us the usual 1.5 hours going to Pampanga. The place is really hot during summer.  The wide land area is covered with dust and ashes from Mt. Arayat’s eruption sometime in 1991.

Farming and fishing are the two main industries in the province.  Cheche’s family owned a fish pond where they harvest tilapia every 4 months.


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