Battle of the Browsers

Which browser do you use?

Currently, I have 3 browsers installed in my office desktop and each has its own unique features.

My take on browsers
Google chrome is simply the best in speed.
Firefox has nice lay out, classic and classy in look.
Internet Explorer is the best on our internal office application.

I was using Mozilla until it asks me to install Java, then started to ask me a lot of applications. For someone who doesn’t really read much about installations, it is hard to install and uninstall something.

After figuring out installation of Java on missing plug ins of my Mozilla some free time, am finally back to using it. I have loved Google Chrome for its speed and dropping-the-keywords-on-address bar-and-there-goes-search feature. But Mozilla creates a classy and classic look that fits the classic theme of my desktop. I just love the look and colors of Firefox.

Three browsers on your pc will be a good help for anything your website asks you to use. There are a lot of browsers out there but I’m picking these three installed.

Firefox – great customization features and tools to help you personalize your Web experience.
Chrome – speed, compatibility, and simplicity; flexi tabs
Explorer – tighter security, private browsing and a clean look; compatibility View

A web browser is a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. It is primarily intended to access the WWW, and can also be used to access information stored in your network, in your file system or other web servers.

It consist of the address bar where you type the URL or location of a web page or a file and some buttons to help you navigate from pages to pages, add-ons and other feature.

Browsers can read HTML of flash or text file in presenting what you need.

Browser is like your notebook. You go to school and office supply shop to buy your preferred cover, then look for the features inside to handle all your writing needs.

I have chosen Firefox for personal preference as it gives me a feeling of customization and creative looks on web pages I visit.

And Firefox has a reputation of being a nerd’s browser (Charles Arthur) I think why I’m choosing this 😉

For more browser rating info you can check Internet Browser Top Ten Review


5 thoughts on “Battle of the Browsers

  1. GOOGLE CHROME sakin 😀
    Cinocompile nya yung usual sites na ginagamit mo kapag nag Blank TAB ka. Mas accessible ^^.
    Great post here! ^_^

  2. Thanks Niko! Haha. Been using Chrome din ya lang parang ang neat and nice ng lay out ng Firefox. Yun nga lang, yung tabs hindi flexi unlike Chrome na kahit ilang tabs, visible lahat.

    Thanks for the comment 🙂

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