poem: keep me

This was a poem I made 6 months ago which was posted on my multiply account. Reposting here

Keep me inside you, keep me still.
Keep me sleeping until I feel
That I am ready to face, and see the world,
Face it happy, strong and bold.

To live with Words that come from You.
To live in spirit and forever’s truth
And not with flesh of earthy things.
And let my heart forever sings..

That You Oh Lord is all my life,
All my treasure and heaven’s delight
And when desperate moments call,
It is in only a desperation of You I fall.

No other pain I may gain
But the pain of longing for You to claim
My love, my strength, all my thoughts..
My life, my breathe, my heart and soul.

Euphoric and extremes emotions overwhelmed my senses again today. God, teach me to pray hard, and to pray powerfully, teach me to pray your prayers, unselfish, sincere and pure.  In Your presence i find peace, saturating all doubts and insane thoughts. Let my greatest desire is You. I would choose no other place than being with You. Make me love you more, and deep. Make me cling unto You.


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