BFF birthday, so special I included you on my wp!

Today (this should be published 14th) – is my bff, bestfriend, sister, pat’s birthday!  Yeah, I know, I made some goodbyes to our friendship – but hey! i’m still here. She is a gift from God. Sometimes, my ninja enemy. My best critique and bad toothache.  I love her like I love sundae. Cannot resist.  She is my hug and a good laugh. My worry and one eye childish cry.

Whatelse. A family. And the totally not me person, which I desire to become an ambassador of goodness (she is becoming, at times) genelle and me

I’m looking for a pic that says who you are… and hey! found one. She is pretty. Said she is a princess, so what, I’m an angel. Joke. She is and she is, what means to be, a bestfriend. Aha. And she is looking for a boyfriend now – whoop. 🙂

genelleOn your 24th, happy birthday. Kiddie party should be soon. Seriously, I pray for all that He has instore for you up there, to come down here. You are blessed, loved, cherished, and beautiful. Cheers for more years of blowing candles and slicing cakes. Bless your ministry, your work, your family, your future, your life – major way!

Let all your relationships center on God.


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