Interview with Pas. Joey Crisostomo – A worshiping pastor

All praise and glory to our God who gives us the heart to serve Him.
The article of my interview with a worshiping pastor is now out, posted on JIL worldwide website.

“If we want to increase the level of our worship to God to be intimate with Him, we must also increase the level of our understanding and knowledge about who God is. Worship is a lifestyle, an occupation of the heart.” says Pastor Joey Crisostomo, JIL EMB and Director for Central Operations.

It is humbling to see my name under the article. Thanks to Ate Vlyn, my editor who did very great on the one I gave her. It is just the first of my desire to write for God.

The known “Worshiping Pastor” in the Jesus is Lord (JIL) Church circle could not even carry a tune when he started in the Ministry.

“Singing was not my gift,” recalls Rev. Joey Crisostomo, one of the most senior Pastors of JIL.

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