Revelations in the midst of confinement, chaos, and pain

daniel in the lion's den
Incredible revelations in the midst of confinement, chaos, and pain – that’s how it works! The difficult circumstances you’re going through right now can actually clear your perceptions, cause you to seek God as never before, and find answers for you life.

John’s predicament proves that negative experiences don’t hide the Lord – they reveal Him. (Rev 1:17)

Remember these:
Where did God prove His faithfulness to Daniel? In the lion’s den
Where did the Lord reveal Himself to the three Hebrew children? In a fire heated seven times over.
Where did God prove his miracles to Peter? When he had a miraculous escape from prison.

There’s a place in God where fiery trials consume everything except your desire to know Him. Though that place may sometimes escape your grasp, never let it escape your gaze.

From WORD 4U Today, The Edge Media, April-May-June 2010 Edition


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