Financial Planning, Saving

-Give to God
-Pay Bills!
– Save
-Stick to Budget


Poverty is a silent prison that needs no walls and no chains; it locks us in without options and without hope. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you plan wisely, and stick to your plan. Proverbs 6:6-8 says Take the lesson from the ants.. they labor hard all summer, gathering food for the winter. God is a planner and provider and He expects you to be one too.

From Word For You, The Edge Media

Reflecting on this, I learned savings from my parents, not because they are the best savers I’ve known but because of an experience they had to learn the hard way. Sad to say, they were unable to save during the days when we had the chance to do so and we are paying some debts ages ago even to this day.

Recently, I opened a new account with BPI. The Save-Up Savings Account, adding to the accounts I already have with them, joint, personal, group.

This account automatically transfer an amount, which you can also set how much, from your personal source account to the save up account. This account doesn’t have ATM, so you can’t withdraw the amount easily. However, you can check the account online and do tranfer anytime to one of your BPI accounts. The good thing here is that it gives you an insurance five times your savings. – that is five times your save up.

Saving is important but most of the time, is also hard. As we all know, our income producing years are limited, may it be school days of job salary,  so we need not waste our chances.  It is not bad to keep some, keep a little than none at all because we are waiting to experience glorious years of having money. Saving is also discipline.


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