Are you on a diet? Here’s 25 Best Nutrition Secrets you can practice

A diet is what you eat, day in and day out, whether you planned to eat that way or not. So when people ask me what kind of “diet” they should follow, I always tell them to follow the one they’re already on—the way you like to eat is the way you should eat., shares David Zinczenko on his yahoo health blog.

And if you want to make big changes to your health, forget about following somebody else’s diet. Just make a bunch of little changes to the diet you’re already following. It’s the best way to get results. Below, are the 25 best new nutritional tweaks you can make that will improve the way you look and feel—fast and forever!


Taking this, I have been trying to practice some if not all. Few are also highlighted to site my comments.

1. Drink a second cup of coffee.
2. Keep serving dishes off the table.
3. Think before you drink.
4. Practice total recall. – remember what you last ate, that will help you choose what to eat next.
5. Eat protein at every meal.
6. Choose whole-grain bread.
7. Think fish. – i love chicken and fish meat, trying not to have pork or beef on what I eat.
8. Sign up for weight-loss e-mails.
9. Cut portions by a quarter.
10. Turn off the TV.
11. Put your fork down when you chew. – this is really helpful,  some good points I try to remember when I eat.
12. Choose rye (not wheat) bread for breakfast toast.
13. Eat a handful of fruit and vegetables a day.
14. Sip green tea.
15. Work out before lunch or dinner.
16. Hung over? Choose asparagus.
17. Sleep 8 hours a night. -with the schedule I have, I am blessed that I can have 8 hours or 9 at times to sleep.
18 Discover miso  soup. – although the taste for me isn’t very good, taking miso soup is one of those I practice
19. Drink two glasses of milk daily.
20. Take a zinc supplement.
21. Go ahead, eat your favorite foods. – aha!
22. Choose foods with the fewest ingredients. – one good point. The more ingredients there is, the more preservatives, artificial sweeteners and colorings and flavor enhancers could end up on your plate.
23. Snack on popcorn.
24. Or snack on walnuts.
25. Scrambleyour breakfast.

For more info and reason about this, you may check this blog.
Dis: Yahoo Health Blog


2 thoughts on “Are you on a diet? Here’s 25 Best Nutrition Secrets you can practice

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