Video Editing Basics in Adobe Premiere Pro: Greenbelt 3; with Jason Magbanua

classroom powermac
Rica and Joseph Bonifacio’s, LJ Moreno and Jimmy Alapag’s, many others  –  Jason Magbanua’s eyes and hands for wedding videography is amazing.

..from his saturated coloring to his flowing glidecam runs, Jason is one of the most ambitious and creative videographers on the planet. He’s raised the bar on same-day edits, and his full wedding use timeshifting to create a seamless tapestry..

I have been to Video Editing Basics in Adobe Premiere Pro in Powermac center in Greenbelt 3 and I heard the best video techniques from him. It was a classroom set up, with him as our professor.

jason magbanuaA wedding day has enough drama, humor and romance by itself – J.M.

You cannot ask the people to act out everything that had happened when you weren’t able to shoot the event at its precious, one time act.

From his zoom/ moving/ full of emotion wedding films, he is one of the most sought after wedding videographers. His superb techniques were humble yet powerful, from choosing the best capture drevice which is a video DSLR to practically doing the best without compromising time for yourself and family.

jason magbanua at powermac center


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