What I Drink

Ever since I started feeling weak and sickly, I then, started to check what I take. Like when I eat or drink something that’s not part of a good diet, I try to balance it with the good one.

Here’s the set of drinks I usually take for the day.

glass of water

For a healthy start I drink 2 glasses of water to help my digestive system get ready for the day’s work. It wakes up the system after the night’s rest. I drink lukewarm water so that my tummy  won’t get the feeling of sudden and violent impact of cold water. During the day, I get up from my office chair to drink from our pantry. I prefer lukewarm than having it cold.

coke bottleCoke/ Sotfdrinks

I know how unhealthy it is, but during our lunch time,  me and my office mates turntables to buy 2 liters of Coke for the ten of us.  I just drink 2 glasses of water after eating so that excretion of the acids will be faster.


At around 2:30 pm when the digestive system is as its peak of work over what I ate during lunch,  I drink coffee.  It wakes up my senses and my mind to work.


At 6:00pm, I drink laxative tea. This is taken to induce bowel movements. Not that I have problem with it, but the slimming effect, from my perspective, is good than taking pills.


I love shakes, especially the healthy ones from Big Chill or Fruitas. It is already a food that’s just blended until liquid. Sometimes I buy Chillz from Ministop. Coffee and shake in one.

How about you? What do you drink?


2 thoughts on “What I Drink

  1. hi lique.. oo e. nagsimula lang last month. we turn tables. mahihilig kasi sa coke mga kasama ko. hahaha.. ako naman, mahina sa softdrinks temptation.

    thanks for sharing yours 🙂 ikaw coffee naman everyday. hahaha..

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