Featuring Starfield

Award-winning worship band from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
starfield membersMembers
* Tim Neufeld (lead vocals, guitars)
* Jon Neufeld (guitars, vocals)
* Dave Lalonde (drums)
* James Johnston (bass guitar)

Originally formed by brothers Tim and Jon, James and Dave had played with Starfield on and off for the past 8 years before signing on full time in September 2008.

SS: For the record, how did you come up with the name Starfield?

TN: We got it from a Bruce Cockburn song. Bruce, for those who don’t know, is an old school Canadian folk star. He’s been around since the late 70’s. At the time he was kind of flirting with Christianity he wrote the song, “Lord of the Starfields” from which we take our nameÖ It was just a cool name for a band and it had some spiritual application as well – the “Starfield” the vast expanse of God’s creation.


Two of my favorite songs from this band are Cry in My Heart (from the album Starfield) and Reign in Us (from I Will Go), though they have a lot of good songs to still check on. They write songs about worship.

They have these albums:

  • Starfield (2004)
  • Beauty in the Broken (2006)
  • I Will Go (2008)
  • The Saving One (2010)

Visit them on starfieldonline.com


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