Fire in Scout Borromeo

I was getting ready for work today when I saw from our still window a blast of fire coming from one of the houses just across our street. I was in my bath towel. I tried waking up Niko, knock the bathroom door where Dianne is, to alarm them of the fire. I was relaxed, knowing the road distance wouldn’t bring the fire to our building. But the thought of any explosion might hit the place where we are staying so we observed from where we are.
This was also a news items in

fire in scout borromeo

The fire grew bigger and wider after some minutes. Some people are already bringing out their valuable things as TV, wardrobe, and bags outside.

fire in scout borromeo2

While we are waiting for firemen, the electricity powered off.  We decided to close the window as fire gets bigger and smoke is getting inside the house.

Soon after, firetrucks load the street.

After the fire died down, I decided to go to work.  Our building’s ground floor was filled with things which they brought from the house that burned.

fire 3from afar
Thank God, we are safe, from what I heard, no one was injured.
Psalm 121:7
The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life

In case of fire check this Link for some tips.


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