2011 – to start or to continue

It’s 2011!

An ending marks the beginning of something else – 2010 has gone past already but I carry the happiness from the year that was leaving sad ones in the past.

It brought fort personal, family, community, church and nationwide experience and changes to each one of us. Some made it big, some failed, some gain, some lost – all under the sun and heavens. 2011 is not really a big leap of time, it was just a second of time away from 2010. 11:59:59 to 12:00:00 that is. Only a string of second attached. But what makes it special is the God-given chance for us to start, and for others, to continue.

Start another set of resolution, start a new perspective, start a habit. Continue to do good, continue to explore, continue to live. It sets another basic because our thoughts are psyched with the thinking that there is always a beginning and beginning marks new things, and new things are fresh, new things are a start.

Surely there are habits that needs to start, good old characters that needs to continue. The past year has thought us so many things in life that we must look back once and shot forth anew.


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