Search for Music

Just how helpful Google is!

Back when I was in grade school when the word internet was just about to amaze humanity, hearing a song you just happen to like would mean ages to find its title. Nowadays, it only takes a minute to search for the whole lot of info about the song we just heard somewhere along the road. Google and presto! I have the lyrics, chords and even the copy in my gadget. Just how amazing technology is.

There are a lot of online music website that caters you your favorite songs: Youtube, Grooveshark, Pandora.

Heard a new song? Google helps.


2 thoughts on “Search for Music

  1. Funny, I was doing this yesterday(Tues) and today(Wed). Nakikinig kase ak osa edge radio tapos kapag hindi ko alam ung lyrics.. google and presto! 😀

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