the good about blogging

If your day is good. Make a good writing about it. You never know you will need a good laugh, a pure memory, a nice thought in the future.

Today, I went back to my old pages and suddenly felt better and encouraged. I was encouraged by my own humble writing remembering the lines I have composed from my deep thoughts and feelings. How I exhaust for words¬† to use to express my emotions. The words I’ve written really took me by surprise.¬† The words weren’t extravagant but encouraging for me to read. That eventhough it was a sad memory, it contains and reflect the good about life, the good experience I have learned and how I can still worship beyond pain.

Once posted in my wall was, when you are happy, post it on FB, when you are angry, PRAY. We never know our past blogs will be a great encouragement to you someday.