Tumbler Photo Blog

A photoblog (or photolog, or phlog) is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog (short for weblog). It differs from a blog through the predominant use of and focus on photographs rather than text.

I started photo-blogging when I joined tumblr (pronounced tumbler) and I was inspired by the posts of bloggers. As we all know, web-blogging is different from photo-blogging in terms of content. As web-blogging may mean more of text, photo-blogging is more of pictures.

For my photoblogs, I use my HTC and an free app from Android called Vignette. Vignette, in photography, is any process by which there is loss in clarity towards the corners and sides of an image. For me it is somewhat like lomo effect (unique, colorful, and sometimes blurry) but with a focus on the center and fades off on the edges. It is also a common feature on toy cameras.   The term can also be used in literature, road tax, psychology and many others.

This app gives different effects as so vignette is one. Lomo, toy cam, B&W, leaky, velvia and other effects are also available in this app.



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