Long Term Careers, Is Your Job Listed?

I was browsing yahoo when it lead me to an article that shares of careers that are built to last. I’m currently an Online Producer and although my job is not listed, I’d like to share their list.

Career #1 – Paralegals
Average Pay: $50,080

Career #2 – Accountants
Average Pay: $67,430*

Career #3 – Nurses
Average Pay: $66,530

Career #4 – Police Officers
Average Pay: $55,180

Career #5 – Teachers
Average Pay: $53,150 to $55,150

Career #6 – Tax Collectors
Average Pay: $53,800

Career #7 – Budget Analysts
Average Pay: $69,240

Why are they built to last? Check the link for more info at YAHOO EDUCATION.


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