Midnight Phantom Poem

There comes a time in every woman’s
life where she has to grow up.. and regardless of when and how,
the best time is always now…
and no matter how much it hurts, no matter how angry
your beat-up feelings inside,
it’s never a good idea to shut people out,
because you always end up shutting yourself in…

A lot of people live half a life and half a lie,
it’s so easy to hide your true self from the world,
to hide behind their mask,
to talk without really speaking,
to hear without listening, and to live
and not be alive…

Too many of us are scared of the world and what it may thinkof us…
that if we smile, we’re seen weak…
and then if we laugh, we become foolish…
and that happiness always ends up in hurt…

That is of course until He came… and for one shining moment it all became so simple… and I learned how to live and love…again and again.

And yet now more than ever, I realized that, you can never truly love someone without releasing the ghost of your past…

I made some alterations with his poem. This was from one of my ‘have been’ favorite programs because of ‘i don’t really know why’ reasons.


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