Moon Photos and Photography

I like seeing the moon at its fullest and wonder about all the great things God has created. Browsing through some sites I usually visit, I got to check this article from Mashable about Lunar Photography tips. Check it out and find some cool ideas on how to capture the moon.

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Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Advertisements One Good Thing a Day

I seldom subscribe to newsletters of websites as they result to almost-looking-spammed inbox. But there’s this website that sends out ‘one good thing a day’ eletters. They searches the world to find those good things about technology, environment, health and the many facets of life. The home and inner pages did pass the impression of usability. It shows a clean and neat website.

Check out: good.isĀ

My blog is back! My Gmail Filter Discovery

Some of you might have known the information but for those who aren’t using it yet, this blog shares a bit info on the Gmail Filters.

Just to show a visual of my own inbox. Here’s a snap shot (with erasures on some important lines I think should be hidden) of what’s inside my account.

Gmail filter

As you can see, tags are colored. For someone who is a visual learner, this feature helps as we cansee in one shot the bulk of emails and its kinds.

Should you edit your inbox today? Google Gmail filters.