Today’s Prayer

Dear Lord,

I know you renewed me. I am not the same person as I was before. I am not feeling the same feeling anymore, not acting the same acts as before, not controlling situations like I was doing before. You have changed me for the better, according to Your plan. Please help me remember Your grace that satisfies, that controls, that overwhelms,  that makes me forget myself and just focus on You.


Song for today: Will Reagan’s If I Give It All To You
Song’s just so fitting.


All Sons and Daughters’ ALIVE

Meet All Sons and Daughters, a new found love band, and their song ALIVE.

Leslie Jordan and David Leonard (constituting all sons and daughters, hehe) are part of the CAM group, under worship design, from their church. Their group is that of worship music +  folk instruments band.

Anthony Hoisington, Chris Hoisington, Leslie Jordan and David Leonard

© 2011 Integrity’s Praise! Music/BMI and Integrity’s Alleluia! Music/SESAC CCLI#5881082

This is a call to all the dead and disappointed
The ones who feel like they are done
This is a word to all the ones who feel forgotten
But you are not
Oh you are not

We’re alive, alive, alive we’re singing
We’re alive, alive, alive and we’re shaken
We’re alive, alive, alive, alive in You

We are soaked in all the grace that we’ve been given
Unchained from all that we have done
Your mercy’s rising like the sun on the horizon
We’re coming home

We’re alive, alive, alive we’re singing
We’re alive, alive, alive and we’re shaken
We’re alive, alive, alive, alive in You

Another band to watch out for is The Fox & the Hounds. I have not found any bio for them yet as they are new but their cover of the song is really fantastic.

Wall Climbing

Last Saturday, Oct 20, me and some friends went to an out-of-Manila wall climbing. I never thought I’d have so much fun with this outdoor activity. Second to Francis, I I tried my first ever climb. My hands and knees were shaking, my breathe’s really slow I had to gasp for more air, my thoughts were nothing but climbing my way up. My eyes were focused to that 30 feet high wall to top.

It was nervously fun and said to myself I’d do it again! Before that happens, I must loose more weight so I can push myself up.

Some learning:

1. Use your feet and legs more and not just your arms and hands.

2. You have to push yourself and not really pull.

3. It’s like love (a smiley is supposed to be here), you need to let go sometimes  (Twice I let go when I can’t push myself up, I was really in fear but then the letting go part was awesome)

4. You have to have strong muscles.

I must say this again, the experience was fantastic!

photo from one of my climbmates, Macon.

Stiff Neck

I had stiffed neck for two days after trying to sleep without pillows for my back. My strained muscles from doing exercises added to the pain I have. This left me focusing on the monitor most of the time. Can’t do any side movements as pain will come searing.

What if we just have that stiffed neck focus on God? That we look only to Him and if we look sideways, or get distracted by anything else, we won’t like it and so we’d just be comfortable looking to Him? That’s what I wanted now. To focus on Him alone no matter what the circumstance is. I know it’s hard. I know it’s hard. I know. BUt I believe that desiring God is the best desire I could ever have.

After my Boracay trip, I was restored. My playlist, too. My emotions toward Christian people, and my perspective. I started listening more to worship songs and removed from the list the songs that’s topping 🙂

I wanted to flow into a stream of praise and worship and not to thoughts and emotions. The love of God is so overwelming.

Song today: God is Able by Hillsong Live from their album God is Able
I remember this song in one of the visits I had in a local church in Batangas where I felt so blessed.

Newsboys – Pouring it our for You

Just been moved with Newsboys’s Pouring it out for You from their album, God’s Not Dead.  I was 18, so that’s 8 years ago (waw!) when I was introduced to their music (or their music to me? whichever, hahaha). A special friend gave me a back-to-back Hillsong and Newsboy’s CDs. Since then, their Love, Liberty, Disco has been one of my playlist’s favorite.

Sharing you another favorite:

O for grace to trust
O for strength to love
O to cast my cares down at your feet
O for feet to dance
O for a heart to romance
O for lungs to lift your name so high

My hands go up, giving you glory
I just can’t get enough
You are so worthy, Lord
I’ll keep pouring it out for you
My cup is overflowing
With your perfect love
You’re all I’m longing for
I’ll keep pouring it out for you

O for faith to rise
O my soul come alive
O my God You are all I need
O for feet to dance
O for a heart to romance
O for lungs to lift your name so high

My heart and flesh they cry out holy
Jesus be my one and only joy

P.S So in love as of this typing. My heart’s leaping!

Overcoming Insults

Even Jesus was treated with insult, but 2 Peter 2:23 says , He did not retaliate. He knows that His Father sees His heart and He knows His purpose. It was the core of His thoughts and it helped Him control the words that could come out of His mouth. He could defend Himself to truth, but He didn’t.

May this Jesus’ character be an inspiration to us. To keep our composure a best offense (Ecclesiastes) in whatever we hear from other people.

Succeeding verse shares how Jesus managed to do that…that instead, He entrusted himself to Him who judges justly.

He was in control because He was focused on His purpose and that is to die on the cross so we may die to sins and live for righteousness.

Let us always be like a sheep, who hears only voice of the Shepherd,  the Overseer of our souls, so that in this life we may always remember to say, The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

Music and Lyrics

I was in deep thinking of something when Josh White‘s worship song played from my playlist. And I got amazed at God. I began looking at Him and not on anything else, even my emotions.

One thing I learned from small talks I had with housemates is the difference of praise and worship… and the effectivity of vertical worship. There are songs that helps you go through emotional situations. Praise songs are those we sing because of what He’s done. Worship songs are those we sing because of who He is.

There are songs that helps you look more to Him than what you are feeling. The mood sets you into an ocean of the grace of God where you are just swallowed up and there’s just nothing we can do, but to get amazed. We are crucified in Him, and in time, we will be alive in Him. To feel nothing but His love that covers us. This is the hope of eternal life. – lyrics from You Amaze Me
We read to know we are not alone says C.S Lewis. We listen to songs to know we are not alone I say.

In a talk with an ate one time, she said I must not just get ok with God, I must get right with God. To aim to be righteous.