Thanksgiving D2

Day 2
I woke up early today. I am not sure if I was able to sleep well because I was thinking of something I must surrender to God.

I was up 630 am to run by the beach but was raining so I just did threadmill. Breakfast was superb again. I love breakfasts, btw. Then went running by the beach under the rain. Took a quick beach swim, then washed by hotel pool as wished. Len and Feda wanted to try helmet diving and so we went to the nearby street for some water sports. Those were fantastic experiences and for one full minute or two or maybe three I have totally forgotten thoughts as I was just feeling awesome with the water rides.

lunch is served when we arrived in the hotel and I am still full. In the afternoon, we went to market and bought some items for pasalubong. By 530 I went to gym and did some cardio and crunches. My body is sore as of this writing.

Dinner was in a laua party. Thankful to Len who lend me her dress 🙂

I knew then I have lost weight already. It fit me!

The party was cool with programs, jokes from ever reliable MC/jokers Kuya Albert and Kuya Bernard, and games. The most memorable was the teaching of ECV that hit me that moment. Psalm 23:1 is today a life changing verse plus the songs I have been listening all day, Tenth Avenue’s and JJ’s.

I pray to be more Spirit controlled. To not want anything else but His presence.


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