Stiff Neck

I had stiffed neck for two days after trying to sleep without pillows for my back. My strained muscles from doing exercises added to the pain I have. This left me focusing on the monitor most of the time. Can’t do any side movements as pain will come searing.

What if we just have that stiffed neck focus on God? That we look only to Him and if we look sideways, or get distracted by anything else, we won’t like it and so we’d just be comfortable looking to Him? That’s what I wanted now. To focus on Him alone no matter what the circumstance is. I know it’s hard. I know it’s hard. I know. BUt I believe that desiring God is the best desire I could ever have.

After my Boracay trip, I was restored. My playlist, too. My emotions toward Christian people, and my perspective. I started listening more to worship songs and removed from the list the songs that’s topping πŸ™‚

I wanted to flow into a stream of praise and worship and not to thoughts and emotions. The love of God is so overwelming.

Song today: God is Able by Hillsong Live from their album God is Able
I remember this song in one of the visits I had in a local church in Batangas where I felt so blessed.


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