Wall Climbing

Last Saturday, Oct 20, me and some friends went to an out-of-Manila wall climbing. I never thought I’d have so much fun with this outdoor activity. Second to Francis, I I tried my first ever climb. My hands and knees were shaking, my breathe’s really slow I had to gasp for more air, my thoughts were nothing but climbing my way up. My eyes were focused to that 30 feet high wall to top.

It was nervously fun and said to myself I’d do it again! Before that happens, I must loose more weight so I can push myself up.

Some learning:

1. Use your feet and legs more and not just your arms and hands.

2. You have to push yourself and not really pull.

3. It’s like love (a smiley is supposed to be here), you need to let go sometimes  (Twice I let go when I can’t push myself up, I was really in fear but then the letting go part was awesome)

4. You have to have strong muscles.

I must say this again, the experience was fantastic!

photo from one of my climbmates, Macon.


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