Took me just 30 minutes to get the slip of replacement for my lost SSS ID in Mandaluyong branch. Had to give them a call fist to know the requirements.

+Affidavit of loss
+2 valid IDs

Upon arrival just before the clock turns 8am in the morning, I signed the form for getting an SSS ID. Manong Guard was there to help. At exactly 8am, the line to validation started to move. I was 4th on the line. Waiting time is at least 2 minutes/ client so that’s 8minutes.

After validation of documents and form, I paid the Php300 in the cashier/teller. Paying for the fee took me 15 minutes as there were others who lined up to pay for contributions. 

I went back to the validator and gave me a number for Data Capture.

I was 4th on the line, and so waiting time is at least 12 minutes. (3 minutes per client)
The capturer asked me to remove my earrings and to let me ear be seen in the photograph. After the picture taking was the finger scan, signature scan, and thumb mark printing.

Data capturer would say please wait for the ID which will be mailed to your registered mailing address. The slip would serve as your temporary ID. 🙂

Will be waiting for at least 3 months. At least I am now into waiting for delivery. Yipppi.



Long Weekend,Heroes!

Missed blogging for the past couple of days. Been so busy with client calls and answering Facebook queries. Plus the fact that I have to visit banks and offices for my lost wallet with cards. Long weekend’s coming. Only plan’s best is to go home as I don’t have money yet to send elsewhere.

Father’s asked for a large amount of money that I had to produce in a day. I was so stressed the whole Thursday til Friday morning – -but talk about God’s timing. Just so perfect.

Hope to rest this long weekend, figuring out what’s gonna happen next year. Will also pray. Hard.


I love breads. I know it makes me fat but I can’t help looking at and smelling breads. I love watching making breads. When I see bread, it makes me dream.

One time, we had Baker King marathon (though I am not fond of teleseryes) over a long weekend. I love French Bread, Bread Talk and those bakeries around the corner. I can live a day with daily bread 🙂

When I was in college, I tried that 40-day bread diet.
My meal could just be 3 wheat breads. My snack could be 3 pandesal.

I find myself looking at breads when I see shops.

Should I be thinking of owning a bake shop?


Just this morning. I lost my wallet and its contents… again. I didn’t feel anything but soon cried.. along Ortigas. Asking God. I just can’t fathom this. Just 3 weeks, ago I lost money. Last year, I lost my pouch with money, IPOD touch. 3 years ago, I lost my wallet.

Lord, forgive my carelessness.

I have been calling, checking sites, creating letters for my lost IDS, ATMs, Credit Cards. Let there be financial breakthrough this year. Please, Lord?

Leaves and Meetings

I love covers. Not that I don’t like the originals but I don’t know. Hahaha! Currently listening to Anthem Light’s covers and they are cool!

I don’t feel well yesterday so I went home to rest and sleep. Had 11 hours or so but still feel weak today though. I was to take a leave but I remember we have a meeting at 10 and a client call at 3PM. So here I am at work, slightly dizzy, feeling awesome.

Need to say this here. I love it when Jesus catches my attention — anyway, anyhow, anywhere. Whether it be a joy or a trial. Today, He did. My heart cries Holy, to make my Jesus one and only.

Hello midweek!

What to Blog

I am thinking as of the moment what to write. I’ll read thru my thoughts and put them to writing.

One good thing I noticed myself is that I don’t remember yesterdays much that I remember them before. I live now. This hour. Yesterday ended last night it is. That quote was just a quote until it became a statement in my life. Whatever I must remember of yesterdays were those of fun and good times. Those small hurts? I can’t even recall feeling. A good memory is fine, but the ability to forget is the true test of greatness – I read this in broadsheet way back when I was in grade school. Those words hit me until again they are coming alive to this date.

I am (trying) to learn colors and advanced editing and photography. I’d love to buy a Canon if I get money somewhere. Hahah!

Will start working in a minute. Good day, good job!