Another Milestone

So hey, I got another milestone! I’m loosing it for God. I never want to have it back. For a hint, that’s weight. 🙂

Got my mom inspired to do her diet and exercise thing. Got other people doing some exercises and eating healthy. All aboarding! 

But something went up last night – some good old thought I tried running from. I am thankful I am somehow over it. I am glad I am! Really! But sometimes, those things hit my miss mood. Then, I’ll look up to God and thank Him for his unfathomable plans. Just perfect for my broken life. 

Got my funds time deposited so I won’t spend it inch by inch before Christmas.  Ohwhy do I love gadgets.
Fixing debts and praying for financial planning and that.. that.. plan.. somewhere. 
I am addicted to kamote. Bwahahah! 
Gave my 4-month old phone and sun line to bro. He will need it more often than me. 


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