What to Blog

I am thinking as of the moment what to write. I’ll read thru my thoughts and put them to writing.

One good thing I noticed myself is that I don’t remember yesterdays much that I remember them before. I live now. This hour. Yesterday ended last night it is. That quote was just a quote until it became a statement in my life. Whatever I must remember of yesterdays were those of fun and good times. Those small hurts? I can’t even recall feeling. A good memory is fine, but the ability to forget is the true test of greatness – I read this in broadsheet way back when I was in grade school. Those words hit me until again they are coming alive to this date.

I am (trying) to learn colors and advanced editing and photography. I’d love to buy a Canon if I get money somewhere. Hahah!

Will start working in a minute. Good day, good job!


2 thoughts on “What to Blog

  1. Kudos! 🙂 I think it’s high-time I should also learn to live now and enjoy it.
    May tendency kasi akong nirereplay ko pa sa isip ko yung mga bad memories. 😦

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