Took me just 30 minutes to get the slip of replacement for my lost SSS ID in Mandaluyong branch. Had to give them a call fist to know the requirements.

+Affidavit of loss
+2 valid IDs

Upon arrival just before the clock turns 8am in the morning, I signed the form for getting an SSS ID. Manong Guard was there to help. At exactly 8am, the line to validation started to move. I was 4th on the line. Waiting time is at least 2 minutes/ client so that’s 8minutes.

After validation of documents and form, I paid the Php300 in the cashier/teller. Paying for the fee took me 15 minutes as there were others who lined up to pay for contributions. 

I went back to the validator and gave me a number for Data Capture.

I was 4th on the line, and so waiting time is at least 12 minutes. (3 minutes per client)
The capturer asked me to remove my earrings and to let me ear be seen in the photograph. After the picture taking was the finger scan, signature scan, and thumb mark printing.

Data capturer would say please wait for the ID which will be mailed to your registered mailing address. The slip would serve as your temporary ID. 🙂

Will be waiting for at least 3 months. At least I am now into waiting for delivery. Yipppi.



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