Hello 2013

Before the year ends, I wanted share the best things and the not so best happenings  in the year I’m gonna bid goodbye few hours from now. This is just going to be a short blog in bullet and I will try to be minimalist yet organized this year hahaha.

-Lost a lot of pounds! This my my best achievement so far in fitnes as this year marked my goals! All glory I give to God.
-Been out of the country twice
-Visited good places locally (Cebu, Baguio, Naga/CamSur)
-Got salary increase
-New boarding house, new housemates, new friends
-Got my Sun line re-programmed, new Globe line with BB, and HTC and basic Samsung
-Opened my TD
-Reunited with college and high school friends
-Family going stronger
-Got closer with Eunice and Daisy, found a new friend with Raisa.

For the not-so-best things, I still thank God for I know it made me stronger and has opened new things for me. This year, I had my relationship cracked and almost broken with my best friend for 6 years. 😦

So today I am welcoming 2013 with a positive outlook. I am excited to continue my fitness to weight goal! More travel! More blessings! Let’s do this!


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