To fitness 2012 2013! A thanksgiving/fitspiration blog!

This post is not to brag what I did or what I can do, but to boast on the grace of God which gave me all the patience and control and push I have in life.

Ever since I was a child, I was overweight. I’ve grown up  taking care of my oversized body for over 15 years. There were moments within those years when I’d stop eating, start exercising.. then back to same old routine after a month. I would usually be hiding inside my black jacket. I eat burgers with softdrinks, I eat a loooot in parties and at home. I eat junk food and guilt. I would pray for push but I always pull myself to those habits. I would be active at times playing badminton, swim to tire, do funruns then eat at fastfood. My lifestyle was not healthy. Then there came…


Last year, I was weighing at my worst when some office mates urged me to drop 5-10 pounds in a month. Losing just 4 pounds and below would mean two thousand pesos at stake. After lunch and that Starbucks green tea frap, I weighed in our company clinic and that was the start 🙂

The next day, April 29, 2012, I didn’t bring the usual 1.5 rice and meat loaf or adobo I bring in the office for lunch. I had sandwiches and breads for all those next days that came. After three weeks, I lost pounds and started running since I need to lose just one more pound before the deadline. First it was in Mandaluyong Circle, then I had to enroll in the gym so I can run even if it’s raining. Since then I have loved running. I run tirelessly.

I realized that I am encouraged to fitness when someone says I’d be sexy in the next months if I’d lose pounds. Or if someone
appreciates my efforts. I, all the more, feel that energy to run. I am ignited by positivity. I must share that I was encourage by  one of my officemates whenever she tells me she’s excited to see me lose weight. I feel deeply happy when someone sees me and tells me I lost weight already, or if someone blurt out I am getting so better. Or when people would like my post on fitness. My nerves get excited whenever I hear positive statement even if I am not yet ‘there’.

After a year, that is today, I am on my way to fitness. Halfway probably. I still have to lose some more pounds but the year that was was so amazing and (I’m so emo) I could cry in disbelief I did it!

I still eat a lot (as I dearly love eating), but I do a lot of exercises. I run, bike, do cardio, lift light weights, and pray! I still indulge in cakes or my favorite halo-halo. I eat all the pasta I can eat til I feel full. I still munch on chocolates I have in my drawer. I have cheat days and nights. I eat at parties like I don’t do diet. Whenever I go home in Laguna, I appreciate my mom’s cooking and eat! I even cook high calorie food at home when I wanted to. I eat at friend’s house or office party like a construction worker. I buy fast food burgers and drink soft drinks at movies. Those cheats push me to run that night or the next day. But of course, if I can fully forget those, then it’s the best thing!

But the good news!
I stop eating when I am full. I now share my food. Drink lots of hot water in the office. Eat no or less rice in a week. Lessen junk food or drinking colored liquids. I bolt if I have the chance (I don’t mind what they think of me when I do that in the office or just about anywhere, hahah!). I boil baby potatoes, sweet potatoes and eggs twice a week for breakfast and lunch (and put a lot of cheese). I grocer my week’s food. I balance my food intake. I count the calories I take and burn! I plan my meals. If I ate junk food, next of those kinds would be not within the week. I make sure I have something healthy to snack on when I’m out or about as I don’t want to feel starving and eat anything I see that would satisfy my hunger. I drink lots of water. And yes, I drink.

For the activities, I try not to stay inactive for 3 days in a row. I thank God for the weekend activities I had and will be having. I tried wall climbing, trekking, running by the beach, running over the mountains, swimming by friend’s place, walk before or afterlunch, walk to home after office (my legs are bigger I know but I love walking!). I go out of town trips to hike, bike, walk, trek, swim. I visit friend’s houses. Take advantages of friend’s invitation to go on their out of town trips. I dance (well, just move) when I do my laundry. I walk the malls for hours. I still watch movies or TV series for a straight 3-hour time but I do stretching every 30 minutes. I run anywhere I could. I (always) bring my jumping rope and running shoes even if it’s kind of heavy sometimes. I make sure that I am ready to take the road when I am out of town. I seize opportunity to work out or do calorie burning activities. I bought my running shoes, sports watch, swimming goggles, light dumbells, and sports wears.

There were times and days I can’t do anything, I am so tired, I feel not okay, I feel so bored, I feel I can’t do it anymore. I just breathe in and out, and think one step at a time, one day at a time. I think that after-workout is a feel good moment. I sometimes get sad when I see the scales not moving and all those efforts are not working for me. If I can’t make a run/exercise today because of those times, I let myself some rest and pray a thanksgiving prayer.

For those who wanted to see themselves better next year, start today. Live one day at a time. It will come those days when you’ll see results. And don’t forget that great force UP. He can make it happen.

before and after - rencel


6 thoughts on “To fitness 2012 2013! A thanksgiving/fitspiration blog!

  1. wow i didn’t know you’ve lost weight and now you look really sexy. 🙂
    Hi Rencel, i hope you would remember me! :)) haha!

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