One Man Les Miserab

This man is awesome!


Moon Photos and Photography

I like seeing the moon at its fullest and wonder about all the great things God has created. Browsing through some sites I usually visit, I got to check this article from Mashable about Lunar Photography tips. Check it out and find some cool ideas on how to capture the moon.

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Shoot for the moon, if you miss, you’ll land among the stars. One Good Thing a Day

I seldom subscribe to newsletters of websites as they result to almost-looking-spammed inbox. But there’s this website that sends out ‘one good thing a day’ eletters. They searches the world to find those good things about technology, environment, health and the many facets of life. The home and inner pages did pass the impression of usability. It shows a clean and neat website.

Check out:

My blog is back! My Gmail Filter Discovery

Some of you might have known the information but for those who aren’t using it yet, this blog shares a bit info on the Gmail Filters.

Just to show a visual of my own inbox. Here’s a snap shot (with erasures on some important lines I think should be hidden) of what’s inside my account.

Gmail filter

As you can see, tags are colored. For someone who is a visual learner, this feature helps as we cansee in one shot the bulk of emails and its kinds.

Should you edit your inbox today? Google Gmail filters.

Midnight Phantom Poem

There comes a time in every woman’s
life where she has to grow up.. and regardless of when and how,
the best time is always now…
and no matter how much it hurts, no matter how angry
your beat-up feelings inside,
it’s never a good idea to shut people out,
because you always end up shutting yourself in…

A lot of people live half a life and half a lie,
it’s so easy to hide your true self from the world,
to hide behind their mask,
to talk without really speaking,
to hear without listening, and to live
and not be alive…

Too many of us are scared of the world and what it may thinkof us…
that if we smile, we’re seen weak…
and then if we laugh, we become foolish…
and that happiness always ends up in hurt…

That is of course until He came… and for one shining moment it all became so simple… and I learned how to live and love…again and again.

And yet now more than ever, I realized that, you can never truly love someone without releasing the ghost of your past…

I made some alterations with his poem. This was from one of my ‘have been’ favorite programs because of ‘i don’t really know why’ reasons.

Long Term Careers, Is Your Job Listed?

I was browsing yahoo when it lead me to an article that shares of careers that are built to last. I’m currently an Online Producer and although my job is not listed, I’d like to share their list.

Career #1 – Paralegals
Average Pay: $50,080

Career #2 – Accountants
Average Pay: $67,430*

Career #3 – Nurses
Average Pay: $66,530

Career #4 – Police Officers
Average Pay: $55,180

Career #5 – Teachers
Average Pay: $53,150 to $55,150

Career #6 – Tax Collectors
Average Pay: $53,800

Career #7 – Budget Analysts
Average Pay: $69,240

Why are they built to last? Check the link for more info at YAHOO EDUCATION.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, Pangasinan

cape bolinao lighthouse in pangasinan
One of the famouse lighthouses, Cape Bolinao in Pangasinan is the second tallest lighthouse in the Philippines after Cape Bojeador in Ilocos Norte. Build atop of the rocky hill Punta Piedra Point, this lighthouse overlooks South China Sea and is about 351 feet above sea level.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse was constructed in 1905 by American, British, and Filipino engineers to guide ships and boats plying Cape Bolinao in order to prevent sea disasters.