101010 Run for Pasig River, an attempt to break a Guinness World Record

largest human rainbow
My first experience to be part of an aim to beat Guinness world record was when I was in college and PUP celebrated its 100th year. PUP quested for the world’s largest human rainbow. This time, another attempt was made in which I am part of.

Runners, walkers and joggers of all ages gathered before the dawn in the recently held 101010 Run for Pasig River which aims to help promote advocacy to save  Ilog Pasig and to break the current world record on the largest footrace in the world.

Since this is an eco footrace, everyone was encourage to throw their used cups to designated trash bins, MRT ride was also free from 3:30am to 9:00am to encourage participants use public transpo instead of bringing their cars. Free rides going to and from MOA were also given to ABS-CBN runners.

While me and my two running buddies were almost at the finish line, Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao, together with Dyan Castillejo came by our side from their 10K run. Along our fun journey, there were marine, police and other groups who were shouting their chants while taking their runs. We saw runners from different schools, (students for their NSTP classes) corporations and companies (Accenture), military (Marine Fleet Team) civic and religious groups (El Shaddai)and community groups and individuals.

101010 finisher's band

Finishers band, jersey singlet, runner’s bib and a great experience – those are the things I received joining this event, plus those exciting chances to visit booths and get freebies from sponsors.

fun run

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Are you runnning? Some reminders before you start

On October 10, 2010, 101010, ABS-CBN Run for Pasig will hold its biggest funrun and race in various areas. Me and my friends and office mates will participate the said run. But before everyone should start, here are some tips we should be doing.

Running 101

1.    Start slow.
Too many people have failed in their attempt to train themselves effectively because they start too fast and train too hard. You should ease your training plan according to your body’s capability gradually increasing your regular running pace to achieve the 5K competency.

2.    Stick to the plan.
Don’t try to skip ahead of the training program. When you get impatient, stop yourself from advancing to the next level of training to avoid burn out.

3.    Repeat if needed.
If your body feels pressured to continue with the training and if you feel that you can’t cope up with the plan, avoid moving to the next level of training. Maintain the current week of your running plan, and go ahead with the training when your body is capable.

4.    Don’t forget to stretch.
Start and end your training sessions with stretching exercises to avoid any injuries. Injuries can have unfavorable effects on your training schedule and render you incapable to continue your bid to run.

5.    Warm ups are important.
After stretching at the start of your training session, proceed with a 5-10 minutes of warm up – either an easy jog or a walk would do. This will loosen up your leg muscles to achieve maximum efficiency in your actual training.

6.    Take your rests.
Rest days are as important as training days in your routine. Don’t take rest days as “nothing” days. Make it as a program to make time for your muscles to rest and recover after days of training. It will equip your muscles enough time to build and recuperate for the next training session.

7.    The goal.
Your minimum goal is to run and finish the 5K event and not to race it, so don’t be too hard on your body.

8.    Rest before the race.
Take about 2 to 3 days of rest before the actual run. By rest, I am not referring to inactive rest, but rest from training. You can engage in activities like swimming, biking or jogging, just make sure that the intensity of your activity is lower than your training course.

9.    Don’t try anything new on the race day.
This includes new running shoes, socks, shoelaces, shirts, shorts or pants, foods and drinks, etc. If you really wanted to use your new gears, be sure to use them on your training runs 2 to 3 weeks before the race.

Above mentioned tips are from 101010runforpasigriver.com we can take before we start any run.