24 Things I Love

This was written 3 days before my birthday, was posted a day after it.

My birthday is coming up soon. I was reading Kris Aquino’s magazine when I read about the 30 things she loves. It inspired me to list down the 24 things I love and here goes my list:

1.Waffle – For breakfast, when I need a good pack of carbs and protein, waffle makes it for the good start.
2. Big Chill – Find healthy, look for Big chill – offering fresh fruit shakes of different kinds, with options of adding a thousand grams of vitamin C., or yogurt plus calcium. With varities and add ons, this is surely one of the best.
3. Pen and Notebook – It isn’t hard to write, what is tough, is to write what you mean. So for scribbles, notes, random thoughts, doodles; pen and paper are partners.
4. Bible – Talk about the most loved, helpful, and the book of all the books, bible offers the best love letters to life, love and relationships.
5. Tumblr and tumbler – I love drinking water to get hydrated, moreover, I’m fond of liquid containers. Tumbler is your personal arts and blog website.
6. Perfume – I love smelling good. It increases my confidence, I like people who smells good too.
7. Rubber shoes  and vintage shirts – I am amazed how colors are blended in an arrayof messy yet nicely done drawings contained in vintage arts. Rubber shoes, keeps your feet comfortable and clean.
8. Jacket – Whether it is summer or rainy days, a jacket comes handy to me.
9. Green and Blue – these are my favorite colors. Natured, environmental.
10. Chicken – However it is done- adobo, fried, grilled – chicken will always be the best meat for me.
11. Laptops – I know but little but you can ask me on a good laptop.
12. Teleseryes – Because of work, I have to know the summary of what’s a teleserye all about, I should also somehow name characters in it.
13. Creams peanut – I don’t like peanuts, but when it comes to choosing Creams biscuit, I always buy peanut-flavored one. It is always on the list of my shopping items.
14.Stumble – When URLs been getting boring, I click my stumbleupon icon to give me links I never have visited.
15. Coke float – Caffeine and chocolate in one! This is mcfloat. 🙂
16. KFC – One of my best loved fastfood stores (maybe because of chikin) and its graveeey.
17. Photography and DSLR – Like writing, picture taking isn’t hard, what is tough is to capture a scene.I I love taking pictures that paints thousand words.
18. AVPs – Audio Visual Presentation means thinking and directing. One of the hobbies and skill I have acquired because I am a masscomm student.
19. Playlist – I make sure I always have my playlist at any mood that I have. Those contains songs of
inspirational and Christian-inspired.
20. Adobe- Photoshop, Premiere, Expression – Adobe is, one of the best creative creators!
21. Blog – I love to write, put them online and share my thoughts I cannot share comprehensively as putting them on a blog.
22. Chocolates – Yes, I am a chocoholic. It contains phenylalanine, which boosts energy. Need to be physically  invigored? Take chocolates. Haha
23. Diet and Exercise – These are two most outragoues words I ever uses, promises and breaks 🙂
24. Books and Movies – On my bag is a book. A book brings me anywhere, gives me knowledge, and something I can rely on when I am waiting, on an idle moment or when I need to relax.  A movie, on the other hand, is like a visual book.
Thanks for reading my blog :0 God bless everyone.
**The world will tell you who you are, until you tell the world**