Paul and Jeric Soriano on ABSCBN fellowship

Yesternight, Direk Paul Soriano and his father Jeric Soriano, the son of Nestor De Villa, shared words on ABSCBN fellowship.
Paul and Jeric Soriano

Direk Paul is also known as the the boyfriend of actress and TV host Toni Gonzaga. His message was short yet powerful, Matt. 3:33 seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. He gave us the thought that whenever we read the bible, it is good to read the lines by phrase and there comes revelations. His life testimony was graduating from abroad and seeking the job as a director while also seeking the Kingdom of God.

He directed A Journey Home, a film about a man seeking forgiveness from his family, which he abandoned 20 years ago. A must-see film with cast Joem Bascom, Toni Gonzaga, etc

This months topic is about the wonderful blessings God has for us. When it was Jeric’s turn, I was amazed how he shared the Word of God. If you must see him, you would believe how amazed I am for saying such. He is totally funnny and he is using his gift of editing and using the multimedia to share the Word of God. I never knew I am going to be so overjoyed on hearing the message. When Ms. Dyan introduced him, she said about him winning Philippine TV commercial grand winner and he is from New Life Alabang where she goes to church too. The sharing was even soo cool it is like as if we were watching a movie out of his powerpoint presentation. The Mac presentation speaks of his message for us making the Word more powerful and entertaining.

We also met Paul’s younger brothers and his mother who where with them that night.

Soriano Family
Ms. Dyan’s husband was also there and of course, Juddha Paolo who always sits as one of the audiences.

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Ako ang Nagwagi! – Dulce shares on ABSCBN Fellowship

Dulce graces tonight’s ABSCBN fellowship, a monthly gathering of Christian believers of ABS-CBN. As shared below, she began singing at the age of 2. She finished elementary but never had the chance to even step high school, but her singing prowess proved her God given talent to pave way to her career. Her life is indeed a miracle. Her testimonies shows how faithful and obedient she is from God’s calling.

She started her sharing with a song and while she is singing Power of Your Love, she was crying out of outpouring love from God. She takes on a lot of funny jokes and stunts while she gives her testimony. She shares the burden to pray for this nation, quoted verses from the Bible and sang the song she rewrote with permission, from the lyricist late George Canseco, the famous Ako ang Nagwagi . She is also the voice behind the song Maalaala Mo Kaya.

The story below is from sites Wikipilipinas and Celebritiesph.

Maria Teresa Abellare Llamedo Cruzata, better known as “Dulce”, is a Filipino singer and theater actress most famous for the hit song “Ako Ang Nasawi, Ako ang Nagwagi”. Dubbed as the “Asia’s Diva,” she has gained critical acclaims by winning numerous singing tournaments in the Philippines and abroad.

Dulce was born to a poor family in Villa Bulsita, Bulacao, Pardo, Cebu City. She started singing at the age of two. Her highest educational attainment was only elementary. She immediately went to Manila when opportunity came to pursue a singing career. She went on to win on many singing competitions including the popular “Tawag ng Tanghalan”, upon which she started her career, and the Second Metropop Festival on which she sang one of the late George Canseco’s compositions. Gracing recording studios, she became a singing sensation.

Necessity of Adversity

adversity: noun, adverse fortune or fate; a condition marked by misfortune,calamity, or distress

I have been working for ABS-CBN Interactive for quite sometime, but it was just last month since I started attending the ABSCBN Fellowship.  I hesitated visiting 13th floor because I might get wrong motives of going there for the sake of seeing celebrities. It took me a friend to be there to really be blessed going about every month for the special guest that will inspire you to walk by faith and excellence.

In was June when I saw the poster of invitation. Francis Kong will be the speaker. I grab two friends by the hand and walk our way up 4 floors above ours.

ABSCBN Fellowship is a group of Christian believers in ABS-CBN. They have adopted the acronym for Alto Broadcasting Systems, Chronicle Broadcasting Network to Active Believers Serving Christ, Blessing Nation. Ms. Dyan Castillejo usually hosts the program.

For this month (July), Pastor King Flores and Wyden King share the ‘Necessity of Adversity’ on ABSCBN Fellowship.

Why would there even be a necessity to have adversity? Who would want to go through problems like it is a part of what we need in life?

Over their words of wisdom and encouragement, I got a lot of insights on how problems and trials can really make us the person God wants us to be. Trials on relationships, finances and health are like sandpapers of our lives. We may feel the pain of bringing about the roughness of what they do, but in the end, it is that something that could really make us smooth… as they become worn out.

Job in the bible was the man who suffered many trials in life – but was proven faithful to have said these words. .

10 But he knows the way that I take;
when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.

Job lost almost everything but breathe. His family, business, and body have been broken that there seems to be no way out his miseries – Job’s attitude made him a winner. Our attitudes are more important than the degree of our adversaries; more than the pain are the lessons.

James 1:2-3 says

2Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

Happiness is the outward appearance of a positive outlook, while joy is the inward feeling of happiness. What is inside us is the very true degree of what we have that is why James said those words – to consider it pure, pure, pure joy (inward) when we face problems of many kinds because it produces perseverance.

A large area of barren land must be dig deeper.. to make a skyscraper.

Our characters are being develop when we face trails. Most especially, we develop fantastic characters if we take positive feedback on what we are facing.

Gain God and his love through our adversities. That counts eternity.