Our Pale Blue Dot

Inspired by Carl Sagan’s speech/ except from his book of the same title: The Pale Blue Dot is a version of my Our Pale Blue Dot blog.

From a distance, our problems can be as tiny as dot and should not seem of particular burden. But for many, it is different. Consider that dot.  That’s a problem, that’s your burden, that’s pain. On it is a weak point trying to steal your joy, something you try to ignore, something that brings you bad dreams, everyone’s kryptonite. It is any question or matter involving doubt,uncertainty, or difficulty. The aggregate of pressure, suffering , from world business, politics, even to the tiniest worry of deciding onto things. In it maybe a thing, a person, a doubt, a debt, aquestion, puzzle, riddle, a mystery  that makes you uneasy. The lack of something, the exageration of one thing,  complications, disagreement, disputes, an issue, a mess, an enigma or amillion dollar question –  a thief that robs our happiness, a rust that coats our sanity.

A problem is a torment or suffering from disturbing thoughts that seems to affect all our being. Think of the people who breaks down, who goes to jail, who suffers sicknesses, worried,sleepless, without life direction. Think of the children on the streets, kids who get into drugs, a family living on hunger, people from different walks of life under different troubles. They sufferbecause of problems.  Moreover, lack of knowledge and strength to handle problems. They tend to gather thoughts, build worries,  and hitting a hard punch on the moon. They gather bundles of sticks to build bridge they never cross.

Picture yourself holding a paper with a small dot of ink, the other hand holding a magnifying glass looking at that increased attribute. It intensifies the area you are seeing, it dramatizes the feeling of its smallness, perhaps it is the only thing in the area of vision. Never knowing how bigger the space the paper has compared to that tiny small dot. And that unless you take a good distance to see that the dot is only a tiny speck on the vastness of the paper, you will never realize its worth.

It has been said that problems are obstances which makes it difficult to achieve a desired goal, – for me it is a challenge. There is perhaps no better way that to face and solve the issues that lies on it. It may highlight memories in our lives, brings pains when remembered but nothing can be solved if you leave a problem, it will stay as a fear that will haunt you when another of the same circumstances.It will only refer a situation, condition, or issue that is yet unresolved that will affect your life. A problem exists when an individual becomes aware of a significant dot in one’s life. But God’s words are promises, 1 Peter 5: 7 says Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

Increase your knowledge, broaden your perspective and the problem is but a pale blue dot on the universe you are standing. View your problem not as a worry but a challege. A hundled load ofworry will not pay an ounce of debt. The Maker of the skies and stars, knows the beat and hears the breaking of your heart.

Life’s problems is matter of perspective. If you are too close to it, it may seem that big covering the whole space of what you can see. But like anything big, it can be just a pale blue dot in our lives from a distance. Remember, bigger is our God, our Creator, than anything created we can imagine.

Inspired by http://blog.jmlynch.org/2010/02/13/pale-blue-dot/ wordpress
Quoted Sagan’s thoughts on his Pale Blue Dot.
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